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This blog is a public educational tool.  The purpose is to help foster public discussions of dermatology-related themes.  We hope that you will learn and share so that others may learn.  Remember that this is a public site, and anyone in the world can read what you post, just as if you were posting it on a public billboard.  We will maintain high standards for this blog consistent with its educational purpose and the standards we set.  Treat others with respect, stay on topic, and please follow these rules.

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Our commitment to quality

AvantDerm retains the right to remove any material or posting for any reason in our sole discretion and the right to terminate a user’s access to this blog.

Comment Rules

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Of course, do not impersonate another person.  Violating these rules could lead to your personal liability.  You are responsible for protecting your computer against interference or viruses.  Finally, we suggest that you keep your identification for posting or viewing comments to yourself.