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Patients must be referred by their physician regarding a specific skin problem. To facilitate patient flow, we request that visits be limited to this particular concern; additional problems may be addressed at a separate visit.


Health Card

Patients must bring a valid health card to every visit to AvantDerm. In the case that a health card is not presented or the card is not valid, a charge will apply.


Family Members

Unfortunately, we are unable to give advice regarding the skin problems of family members. Ask them to visit their family doctor and if a dermatology consultation is required, we will be happy to see them during a separate appointment.


Prescription Refills

We regretfully will not process prescription requests by phone. Should you require a refill, please contact your family physician or have your pharmacy send us a refill request.


Discharge & Re-referral

Due to an exceedingly large volume of patients, AvantDerm only follows patients who are considered high risk. All other patients will be discharged back to the care of their family doctor. We would happy to see you again at your doctor’s request.


Non-OHIP Covered Services

AvantDerm offers a wide range of services that are not covered OHIP. Examples include the removal of benign lesions such as skin tags, moles and certain warts.


Cancellation Policy

Please notify our office 48 hours in advance if you need to cancel or re-book your scheduled appointment (not applicable for RAC patients).

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Rapid Access Clinic

Do I bring the referral or does my doctor fax it in?

Your doctor will fax in your referral, however we also recommend that you bring in a copy as well.  

Do I need to be referred?

Yes. All patients require a referral from a referring provider. Patients can find our referral forms on the website and bring them to a referring provider to be completed.  

Do I need to book an appointment?

No. After being referred, you can simply walk-in during RAC hours and be seen by a dermatologist. Patients are seen in order of arrival.  

Do you see patients who are outside the Toronto area?

Yes! We understand the frustration of having to wait a long time to see a dermatologist in Toronto’s surrounding regions. A referral is still required, however we are happy to accommodate patients coming from outside of the city.  

How can I find the office? Is it accessible by public transportation? Is there parking?

The office is located at 45 Mill St, Toronto, Ontario, M5A3R6, one block south of Front St. and Parliament St. If you are coming from outside the city via GO Train, please go to Union Station. You can either walk from here or take the TTC. If you are taking the TTC from the West End of the city: Take the subway to Union Station. Exit the station at Bay St. and Front St. and walk to the bus shelter on the southeast corner. Take the 72A Pape Northbound, and get off at the Mill St. stop. Continue walking eastbound, our office is on the south side of the street. If you are taking the TTC from the East End of the city: Take the subway to Pape Station. Exit the station and board the 72A bus. Get off at the Trinity St. stop and continue walking westbound. Our office is on the south side of the street.

How long should I wait to come in for an appointment after being referred?

We recommend that you come in as soon as possible after being referred. You can be seen as early as the next business day after we receive your referral.  

How quickly will my doctor get your report?

Our goal is to send our recommendations back to your doctor the same day you were seen.

What do I need to bring with me?

Please bring in a copy of your referral, a valid health card and a general knowledge of any medications you may be taking.  

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Do I need a referral to see a dermatologist regarding an ethnic skin condition?

If you are coming to see a dermatologist for a medical condition, a referral is required. Patients can find our referral forms on the website and bring them to a referring provider to be filled out. If you would like to have a cosmetic consultation, no referral is required. You may call the office to book an appointment. A consultation fee may apply.  

Do you treat ethnic skin exclusively?

No! We treat patients of all skin types; our clinic is open and accessible to everyone.  

I have been told that lasers are unsafe on darker skin types. Is this true?

This is true unless you use the correct laser in skilled hands. If used correctly, lasers can safely treat many conditions including unwanted hair, pigmentation issues, saggy skin, veins and enlarged pores, to name a few.

What is ethnic skin?

Ethnic skin is difficult to define. At AvantDerm, we use the term to describe people with skin of colour.

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