Speciality Clinics

Ethnic Skincare

Canada's first dermatology clinic housing a team of Ethnic Skin Specialists. We understand your skin.

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Rapid Access Clinic

Rapid Access Clinic

The only clinic in Toronto to offer walk-in consultations with certified dermatologists.

Speciality Clinics

Speciality Clinics

Cutting-edge technologies and comprehensive treatments customized for your specific skin type and condition.

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Cosmetic Conditions
Age Spots Birthmarks Complexion Blending Excessive Sweating (Hyperhidrosis) Fine Lines and Wrinkles Liver Spots Lumps and Bumps Melasma Nail Fungus Rosacea Scar Reduction Skin Rejuvenation Skin Tightening Stretch Marks Unwanted Hair Unwanted Veins Warts
Medical Conditions
Acne Acne Scarring Dermatitis / Skin Rashes Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) Psoriasis Skin Cancer Vitiligo Warts
Ethnic Dermatology
Acne in Ethnic Skin Hair Conditions Keloids Razor Bumps Uneven Skin Tone Vitiligo
Acne Chemical Peels Acne Injection Acne Prescription Creams Acne Prescription Medications Age Spots Liquid Nitrogen Botox Cosmetics Depigmentation Dermal Fillers Dermatitis Phototherapy Dermatitis Prescription Creams Dermatitis Prescription Medications Excisional Surgery Fine Lines & Wrinkles Prescription Creams Hair Conditions Prescription Medications Hyperhidrosis Prescription Creams Hyperhidrosis Prescription Medications Keloid Excisional Therapy Keloid Liquid Nitrogen Laser Therapy Lumps & Bumps Excisional Therapy Melasma Prescription Creams MicroDermabrasion Nail Fungus Prescription Medications PCOS Prescription Creams PCOS Prescription Medications Prescription Creams Rosacea Prescription Creams Rosacea Prescription Medications Rosacea Sunscreen Scar Reduction Prescription Creams Sclerotherapy Skin Cancer Excisional Therapy Skin Cancer Liquid Nitrogen Skin Cancer Photodynamic Therapy Skin Cancer Prescription Creams Skin Cancer Radiation Therapy Skin Cancer Sunscreen Steroids Stretch Marks Prescription Creams Surgical Therapy Uneven Skin Tone Prescription Creams Vitiligo Laser Therapy Vitiligo Phototherapy Vitiligo Prescription Creams Warts Excisional Therapy Warts Injections Warts Liquid Nitrogen Warts Prescription Creams Warts Prescription Medications Whitehead Blackhead Extraction