Earlier Diagnosis = Earlier Detection

Studies show that seeing a dermatologist earlier directly impacts early detection of skin diseases and lower death rates in melanoma patients

AvantDerm’s Rapid Access Clinic (RAC) is a state-of-the-art dermatology clinic, and the only one in Canada that allows patients to be seen as early the next business day with a referral from their family doctor. Through the RAC model, AvantDerm is advancing dermatology by providing Ontario’s residents with improved access to qualified dermatologists and reducing wait times for all patients, of all skin types with any skin condition.

  • Referral Today

    Download Referral Form Have your doctor complete and send in the referral form to AvantDerm Obtain a copy of the completed form
  • Consult Tomorrow

    Confirm clinic hours and policies via website Walk-in with your referral form as early as the next business day. No appointment is necessary. Patients are seen by a dermatologist on a first come first serve basis during regular RAC hours.
  • All consultations are covered by OHIP You MUST bring your valid health card with you to each visit in order to be seen by a dermatologist
Rapid Access Clinic
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